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Honey Hair & Skin Rejuvenating Oil
  • Honey Hair & Skin Rejuvenating Oil

    **This product is safe and gentle enough to use on your infants and toddlers**

    HONEY Hair and Skin Rejuvenating Oil is lightweight but packs a punch. It’s made with 100% organic oils, essential oils, and infused with Fenugreek Seeds, Lavender Buds and other botanicals. It improves blood circulation on the scalp, can stop hair loss, and reduce skin inflammation. Enjoy the soft, but, deliciously sweet aroma, topped with notes of mint!

    NO artificial colors

    NO artificial fragrances

    NO nut ingredients



    USES: Hair, Beards, Skin, Nails & Brows

    FOR: Everyone (even safe & gentle for babies)


    For Hair: penetrates hair cuticles, seals split ends, boosts shine, stimulates follicles, can thicken and grow hair.


    For Skin: Soothes dry skin. Can reduce the look of scars, stretch marks and dry cracked skin and more. Can be used on damp skin, right out of the shower, to lock in moisture.


    For Beards: thicker, fuller beards, soothes skin & gets rid of razor bumps

    For Nails: Rub onto cuticles at night to keep nail bed healthy and nails strong. Grows nails fast.


    For Hands: Are your hands suffering from washing them too much? Experiencing dry hands and cracked peeling skin near your fingernails? HONEY can help soothe the irritation, nourish and repair your dry hands caused from excessive hand washing.


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