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What does Love04 represent?

the Name Love04 was Inspired by the year we met.  Love04 represents the pureness of our love, faith and resilience.  Throughout the years, we have continued to build upon this very foundation which is how we are still going strong today.  We look forward to you embracing this energy and falling in love with this never-ending journey.

what inspired Love04?

Not being able to find a line of hair care, for my entire family, that lived up to it's hype or price, encouraged me to start making my own.  over the years I've spent hundreds of dollars on top brands that promised hair growth, healthy hair and a healthy scalp but I always ended up tossing them out.  my goal was to make products that could be used for hair and skin by everyone--kinda like a 2 birds with one stone thing.  my first product was the elixir--I literally threw that together with ingredients I had at home, not realizing it would be the start to something amazing!  to make a long story short, I began to see a major change in my daughter's hair, it was growing!  my son's hair was growing and became more manageable, my husband's hair was growing and so was mine!  I gave some to a few family members & the rest has been history in the making!  love04 has become a staple in all of our lives!  I can't wait to see how you're using our products and the amazing results you experience! 
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