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Cookies Shampoo
  • Cookies Shampoo

    Cookies detoxes your scalp and gets your hair squeaky clean by removing dandruff, dead skin cells and build up. It contains vitamins A and C, Omega 3 and 6, as well as, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Cookies is antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. It relieves itching, gently exfoliates the scalp, enhances blood circulation and balances your scalp’s PH and oil levels. Our shampoo is unlike any other shampoo because it doesn’t just clean your hair, it supports hair growth and encourages your hair follicles to grow faster. Special bonus, it can be used as a luxury body wash!

    There’s no magic needed when using Cookies, but here are a few tips:


    Step 1: Comb or brush through your hair to remove any knots and tangles to prevent your hair from matting during your wash process! (Detangle from the ends to the root!)

    Step 2: Completely saturate your hair and scalp with warm water and thoroughly rinse your hair to loosen any dirt and debris from your scalp and hair.

    Step 3: Section your hair into 4 equal parts and apply a dollop of shampoo to each section. Massage/Scratch each section and your scalp very well. Be sure to give your scalp the most attention when washing!

    Step 4:Thoroughly Rinse.

    Step 5: Check your scalp for any areas that still need cleaning, apply shampoo directly onto that part of the scalp, massage (scratch) for a few minutes, then Rinse.

    Step 6: Repeat step 5 as needed.

    Step 7: Follow up with our Creme Conditioner, Invigorator, Lemon Essence and Honey.

    For the Ultimate Pampering Experience: Use Cookies as a body wash when bathing. Follow up with Honey or Elixir on your skin after showering. You will love what this combo does for