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Mmmm🥰 FALL IS🍁🍂

Updated: Oct 26, 2021


Not too hot or cold, leaves & acorns scattered on the ground, spiced vanilla chai, a nice breeze caressing my face serving just the right amount of wind to flip my hair as I walk, the sun bouncing on & off of my skin as it peeks

through the trees that have bloomed into beautiful colors. Fall is cuddling up in soft fuzzy blankets on the couch next to my love, taking a deep breath & appreciating the moment. Fall is a mood—a positive, grateful & happy state of mind.

Fall is cinnamon, spice and everything nice tickling your nose as you wash your hair with Cookies. It’s your mouth watering as maple syrup plays on your feelings while conditioning your hair with Créme. It’s the warmth & zest of lemongrass that blankets you when caressing your skin with Honey. It’s the herbal whisper that quietly breezes through your body when you open up a jar of Elixir. Our Invigorator is literally Fall, Thanksgiving & Christmas in a bottle. Open your senses to Love04.

And guess what? You can indulge in delight 365 days every year.

As you’re sipping on your hot tea tonight think of new beginnings. That’s what Fall is carrying us into at the close of our 2021. Catch you next week, same place, same time.



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