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What is Love04?

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Hey Family!! I’m backkk and we’re turning up on a Tuesday night again—just kidding. I hope this post finds you in a great state of mind….relaxed... kids whining down getting ready for school….dinner eaten… and you’ve finally sat down to do something you want to do.

Not many of you have been able to explore our site so I wanted to take this time to give you a little background on who we are in hopes that it encourages you to join our family if you haven’t already.

What Does Love04 Mean?

Our name Love04 was Inspired by the year my husband and I met. I was sitting at my desk at work, before Love04 became a reality, exploring possible business names with my husband and he says “how about love 04”. We’ve taken pride in the humble beginnings of our relationship and have always made the day we met, 1st date etc very significant days to acknowledge, remember and celebrate. So when he said that I was completely in awe.

Love04 represents the pureness & authenticity of our love, our faith and resilience. Throughout the years, we have continued to build upon this very foundation which is how we are still going strong today in our personal lives.

What Inspired Love04?

I started making my own mixture of a “hair grease” when I found myself wasting money on top brands that promised healthy growing hair. Over the years, I always ended up tossing those products out.

My goal was to make something that could be used on hair and skin for everyone--kinda like a 2 birds with one stone thing. Our first product was the Elixir--I literally threw that together not realizing it would be the start to something amazing. To make a long story short, I began to see a major change and all of our hair was growing. I gave some sample jars of the Elixir to a few family members & the rest has been history in the making. We now handcraft organic shampoo, conditioner, a leave in tonic, essential oil, lip balm, hand sanitizer, hair and body oil and we have a hair steamer.

Love04 has become a staple in my household. We keep the products in the car, house, on our dressers, in our bags—all over. Every time I turn around my son has a new lip balm, my husband uses up all of the Honey I set aside for us for his showers, my daughter keeps asking to wash her hair and I’m spraying hand sanitizer like it’s a luxury perfume (it smells so good).

I get funny stories all of the time from our supporters about how “someone took my last bottle.” or “I let my mom use it and she never gave it back” or “my son said can we get more of that smelling good stuff?”. To know that we’ve become a household brand is so humbling.

Although we currently only produce small batches (small to a bigger business but huge to us), it takes a lot of work to produce each product and we sell out quickly.

I can't wait to hear from you and to see how you're using our products and the amazing results you experience.

Only God knows what’s next to come out of our bag to present to you. When creating, I think of my children so trust me when I say I got you.

Enjoy the rest of your night. Catch you next week, same place, same time.



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1 Comment

Frances Pearson
Frances Pearson
Oct 20, 2021

Love love the products.

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