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It’s OK, breathe..

Omg. It’s 7:28pm. I’m sitting here reading Spirit Speaks to Sisters by June Gatlin (great great read, thank you Courtney) and suddenly I realize I never wrote my blog post for tonight. I set myself to a standard of blogging every Tuesday at 7pm. I put myself under yet another pressure. I gave myself the deadline. Now, I’m stressed. Why? Because readers are waiting?

Lol, but no one’s barely reading your posts right now, Jazz. That’s what I tell myself. I just started blogging. No one knows about the blog, I only have a handful of readers, what’s the big deal?

The problem is, I like to be consistent. I like to keep my word. After being let down so many times by people, I hold myself to a higher standard to be better than what I’ve been served.

I told myself all weekend, including yesterday, to get it done and it still slipped my mind. I totally let time get away from me.

You see how one small hiccup opened up a can of deeper issues for me? How often does this happen to us all? We’re stressed about one thing and then our minds drift to deeper rooted problems?

I had to take a deep breath and tell myself, I’m not going to always have it together. I’m not going to meet every deadline. Sure, I set the date and time for blogging but who said I had to keep the date every week? Am I even that on point on an every day basis? I mean, I try to be but life is unpredictable. Not to mention, I could also hear my husband‘s voice in my head saying ”Relax. Stop making things so hard. It’s not that serious. Just do it tomorrow.” Lol

Tonight, I just came on to say— to you and to myself: you can stop trying to be perfect. I know people are watching and everyone has an opinion how how you should do things but no one is perfect. Stop people pleasing. We get pulled at all angles. We’re doing so many things. We’re working more than we’re living. We are running businesses, raising families, trying to be great spouses and so much more and sometimes we just need to stop, regain focus ……and breathe. Breathe……Breathe.

That’s what I’m choosing to do tonight.

I’m going to get back to my book, continue sipping my lemongrass tea and breathe.

Catch you guys next week.

Concluded at 8:13pm


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